ELECTROLYSIS (Permanent Hair Removal)

Permanent Hair Removal The only method proven safe and effective for over 100 years
Electrolysis permanently removes hair from the human body by using a fine needle to apply a measured amount of electricity to the base of the hair follicle, causing destruction of that follicle without harming the skin.
In 1875, Dr Charles Michel, An ophthalmologist, used electrolysis to remove ingrown eyelashes and as of today, in this 21st century the procedure remains the only proven method of Permanent hair removal.

Many people ask if the process is painful. There is some sensation felt during the treatment. The amount depends on the client’s pain threshold and the area treated. I take great effort to make the client as comfortable as possible and still achieve good results. There are also some very effective topical anesthetics available.

How many treatments are necessary to remove hair Permanently?
The most commonly asked Question.
The number of treatments necessary will vary with each client. Factors such as hair growth cycles, the quantity and structure of hair present, previous methods of hair removal, heredity, hormone function, normal physiologic changes, certain medications and stress influence the treatment program. It will take regular visits to achieve results and these results are not achieved within just a few treatments. Staying with a regular treatment schedule will achieve wanted results.

Immediately following treatment, there may be slight redness and swelling which can last for a few minutes to an hour. The skin will look normal by the following day.
I use pre sterilized, single-use disposable needles, fresh sterilized tweezers and gloves for each client and follow the standards and guidelines of infection control set up by the center of disease control and prevention.
I have been a practicing electrologist Since 1984. I am California state licensed and hold an international board certification. I Treat both Men and Women.
When choosing an electrologist you should not base your decision on fee alone. You should check credentials, education, get referrals from a physician, family member or a friend and take full advantage of the free consultation offered by most electrologists. Meet with the ones you are interested in seeing in your area and then you can make an intelligent decision.
For more information or specific questions, please feel free to contact me Linda L. Hancock, R.E. at 818-762-7630 or 928-505-4528. I will be happy to make a consultation appointment for you at your convenience. Initial consultations are at no charge. Fees discussed at consultation.


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